Ya Really Dropped the Ball On That One

Luis Castillo, who once upon a time bragged a big league-record errorless streak for second basemen of 143 games (which ended on a routine play) totally dropped the ball Friday night.

With two gone in the bottom of the ninth during the first game of the Subway Series against the New York Yankees, Castillo botched a routine pop-up in short right field off the bat of Alex Rodriguez. This allowed the tying and winning runs to score, thus ending the New York Mets wild, back-and-forth game by a score of 9-8. Just like that.
"I have to catch that ball. I have to make that play," the mortified second baseman said. "I feel so bad. I feel like, you know, I don't feel good."
Well put. We forgive you, Castillo. Then again, we're not really Mets fans.

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