Speed It Up Grandpa!

Jonathan Papelbon has been fined by Major League Baseball for being too slow.

The Boston Red Sox closer brazenly ignored the newish pace-of-game rule that pitchers must work quickly to avoid drawn-out games. This blatent disregard for Father Time happened Thursday night when he apparently took too long to make his first pitch out of the pen against the New York Yankees, who, by the way, had their high-paid asses handed to them once again by their long-time rivals.

That's 0-8 against Beantown so far this season. Yikes.

Papelbon was fined $1,000, which is but a drop in the bucket, I'm sure. I might be totally out of line here, but that just seems a little excessive. It's not like he stood there and made out with the rosin bag for 15 minutes. However, he had already been warned once about the rule, and the Sox do have the third-longest average length of games this season at 3 hours, 3 minutes.

God forbid a three-hour baseball game.

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Bassmaster said...

I love that pic. Can you say constipated? On a serious note, I think a grand is a little harsh. Wouldn't a warning from the homeplate ump do just fine?

Anonymous said...


very nice.

LynnieMac said...

The Sox played the Yankees Thursday night. The Phillies were playing the Mets.

Sooze said...

Thanks Lynnie! What the eff, I watched the game even. Too much sun today maybe? Way to pay attention.

LynnieMac said...

You had me convinced. Took me a few minutes to get it in my head that I KNOW I watched the Phillies beat the Mets in extras on Thursday.

Sooze said...

Haha, right? And I KNOW I watched the Red Sox beat the Yankees for the eighth time in a row! Must've had Chase Utley on the brain again.

LynnieMac said...

Ah yes. I can easily see how that can happen. I experience it all the time.