Possible Careers for Manny Ramirez

T-Ball pitcher!
Manny Ramirez is an idiot.

Hopefully we all can agree on that statement. He's shown us with his actions and made it clear with the words flying out of his stupid head: the ones that obviously don't make a pit-stop in his brain before they spill out of his mouth.

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Anonymous said...

Haha< nice! But you forgot day care provider. Wait, maybe that one is alittle dangerous.

Megs said...

Great photoshopping - I think the t-ball one is my favorite!

Shane said...

"Manny Ramirez is an idiot."

Well put.

TallyHO!! said...

OMG that picture made me snort.

ROTU said...

I actually thought Pro Wrestling would be a smooth transition. He's a dynamic personality, a well known name, and roids are completely cool in the WWE.