Good Luck With That, Mike Rizzo

Top Pick Stephen StrasburgI did not watch the 2009 MLB Amateur Draft today, mainly because I just can't handle seeing Bob Selig's dumb face (ed. note: I'm calling him Bob today cause he looks like a Bob, and he's not my bud) every couple of minutes. So, I read about it instead.

The Washington Nationals (man, they're awful) went ahead and selected Stephen Strasburg, just like everyone and their brother predicted. Believed to be one of the most talented prospects up for grabs, the 19-year-old right-hander from San Diego State deals a blazing fastball that’s been clocked at 102 mph. He also has some filthy breaking balls, which are always a nice part of the package.

Strasburg went 13-1 with a 1.32 ERA this season for the Aztecs, leading San Diego to their first playoff berth since 1991. Drafting him was the easy part for the Nats, while signing him will be another challenge altogether. With an agent like , no deal is simple.

In fact, the superagent is rumored to be seeking a record contract, possibly in the neighborhood of $50 million. Yikes! Good luck with that, Mike Rizzo.

And congratulations, Stephen Strasburg.

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Scott Boras is the devil.