Bobby Cox Is Old

Bobby Cox has been around a while... a long, long while. Long enough to enjoy 2,000 major league victories with the Atlanta Braves. Apparently, he wasn't impressed with the milestone, as he claims he can barely remember the first nine innings. That comes with age.

The 15-inning, 7-6 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates, which lasted almost five hours, actually marked career win #2,355 for Cox, spanning 24 managerial seasons with Atlanta, including a brief four-year stint with Toronto in the early 80s.

He's no Earl Weaver, but he's got to be one of the orneriest skippers ever. Cox is ranked fourth all-time in wins, which he says means "zero."
"It's not a big deal at all. It's something you don't think about. All it means is you're getting old and you've been around a long time."
Well, we think it's pretty badass. Some highlights from Bobby's coaching career include four manager of the year awards, 15 Division Championships (14 coming with Atlanta), five World Series appearances (one ring with the Braves in 1995), and the all-time record for ejections.

Cox is also responsible for drafting my first love, Chipper Jones, as the #1 overall pick in 1990. Nice call.

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Megs said...

That Earl Weaver video was hilarious. What an asshole!!

BYOB said...

About that Chipper Jones pick...the Braves wanted to draft Todd Van Poppel (one of the all-time biggest busts) but he told them he would not sign with them if drafted. Lucky bastards wound up with Chipper Jones and I wound up with years of him torment me as he absolutely destroyed (and continues to destroy) the Mets. Thanks Todd!

Anonymous said...

Bobby Cox is one of the long-standing standup guys in the game.

Megs said...

Except that one time he may or may not have beat his wife...