Bernie is Going to Have a Wicked Hangover Today

What a game. In a game where TWENTY-SIX runs were scored, I'd like to imagine that Bernie Brewer most likely watched the game from his dugout in Miller Park (yes, I know the game was in Cleveland) with the Sausage Race Team, while drinking a case of Miller Lite, drinking a beer for each run scored by either team.

Then toward the end, they realized they were going to run out so they drew straws and made Polish Sausage run out and get them some more. On his walk to the nearest liquor store (don't drink and drive, kids), he passed out in a field, and Bernie and the rest of the Sausages decided to mess with his stuff for not bringing them the rest of their beer.

Back to the actual facts.

The Brewers had dropped 6 of their last 7 games and so they were due to win one. And win they did. Cleveland had the lead for most of the game, but failed to win with twelve runs scored. Ryan Braun was a double away from hitting for the cycle and had 5 RBIs. Prince Fielder hit his first career grand slam to put the Crew ahead (and ultimately, they stayed ahead from there on.) Final score? 14 -12.

Bernie needs some aspirins today.

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