Bert Belongs!

sick.If Bert Blyleven's 22-season repertoire doesn't punch his ticket to the Hall of Fame (3.31 ERA, 60 shut outs, 3,701 strikeouts -- 6.7 K's per nine -- 4,970 innings pitched, 287 wins, 242 complete games, .247 opponent's batting average, .969 fielding percentage, blah, blah, blah) maybe this stunt will.

Most Minnesotans used worms for the state's fishing opener this weekend (yay!) but not Bert. He chowed some night crawlers in the name of charity before the Minnesota Twins' 9-6 win over the Seattle Mariners at the Metrodome Saturday evening. All proceeds from Blyleven v. Nightcrawlers, which amounted to $15,000, went to the Parkinson's Association of Minnesota.

Bert's reaction to the worms? This may not the first time he's tasted live bait, since he called them "pretty tasty" and "full of protein."

We know you want to ...

Bert Belongs!


Megs said...

That was disgusting. But for a great cause!!