Tsk, Tsk, Josh Beckett

Boston Red Sox star pitcher Josh Beckett has been suspended for six games and fined by MLB, which came to the conclusion that he intentionally threw a pitch at the head of Los Angeles Angels’ outfielder Bobby Abreu last Sunday.

The right-hander was also reprimanded for "aggressive actions" during the bench-clearing dust-up. Beckett, who was "shocked" by the outcome immediately appealed his suspension, so any penalties will be delayed until after his hearing.

"I think the appeal speaks for everything that we feel. I respect the job they have to do, but I don’t agree," he said.
Angels hitting coach Mickey Hatcher was also fined and suspended (one game), serving his penalty when they head to Seattle to face the Mariners for their Home Opener Tuesday night. Halos manager Mike Scioscia, centerfielder Torii Hunter, and pitcher Justin Speier were fined for their actions, as well.

Too bad no one got knocked out.

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Anonymous said...

No way Beckett threw at his head intentionally. That suspension is bs, and I hope he appeals.