Doc's Hancock Stays

The Mets hurt Doc's fragile ego
After Dwight Gooden signed a wall in the Ebbets Club when he attended the April 13th opener at Citi Field, there was speculation that some janitor was going to come along with a Magic Eraser and remove the autograph which read,

Doc Gooden
84 R.O.Y.
85 Cy Young
86 W.S. Champs
Mom Team spokesperson Jay Horwitz claimed the organization was not happy that anyone -- Mets legend or not -- had written on the brand new building's brand new walls. (This is why we don't have nice things!!) However, after a zillion calls from ornery fans and lip from over the weekend, the team changed its tune and decided to keep the signature around.

They plan to move the graffiti to an undisclosed location somewhere in the building, and put it behind Plexiglas. In fact, they now plan to encourage other former Mets stars like Darryl Strawberry and Keith Hernandez to follow Gooden’s lead. Way to be a trend-setter, Doc.

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Megs said...

Magic Erasers are amazing. I once accidentally sharpied my roommate's brand new kitchen table and she'll never know, thanks to Mr.Clean.

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