That's a Record

In a rematch of Saturday's World Baseball Classic upset between the surprising Netherlands and the heavily-favored (yet apparently over-paid) Dominican Republic, Ubaldo Jimenez was nothing short of lights out.

During the battle for a spot in the second round, the Colorado Rockies righty set a new WBC record, striking out 10 batters and allowing only 2 hits over 4 innings. The former record of eight was set by Japan's Koji Uehara in 2006. Impressive really isn't the word since he was facing a bunch of Class-AA hitters, but hey. Ten K's are 10 K's.

Too bad the Dominicans couldn't muster more than one run, losing to the Dutch 2-1 in 11 innings. We're sorry your fantastic performance was over-shadowed by your sucktastic teammates, Ubaldo. We won't forget how awesome you are.

The Netherlands will go on to play Puerto Rico on Wednesday for Pool D's top seed going into the second round. We're still in shock.

[Denver Post] | [Baseball Musings]


Doret said...

Dominican Republic being knocked out in the first round of the WBC is like Brazil being knocked out in the first round of the World Cup, unthinkable. And you know Dominicans are never going to hear the end of it from Puerto Ricans.