Mike Hampton Lacks Heart?

poor sapMike Hampton cannot catch a break. I’m not sure if he broke a mirror once upon a time, or if the guy was just born this unlucky.

The perpetually injured Houston Astros lefty returned to the Big Belt Buckle State after his Saturday physical turned up an irregular heartbeat. Hampton underwent an echocardiogram this morning (a corrective procedure using an electrical current) to correct this not-so-uncommon condition.

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Anonymous said...

I remember when he was with the Rockies, everyone thought he was going to be one of the best lefties in the game. So much for that!!

Doret said...

How the hell did he pass the physical to sign with the team.

Sooze said...

THAT is an excellent point, Doret. His health (or lack there of it) boggles my mind.

mahoney said...

he probably had a cardiac ablation procedure. they are indeed very common. I had it done for a similar problem. sometimes a cardiac arrhythmia isn't apparent until it is actually triggered by something. that's what happened to me.

(an echocardiogram looks at the physical structure of the heart, like a sonogram, but doesn't do anything to it)