Silva Hopes to Stop the Sucking Sound

lookin' good, good lookin'
Carlos Silva took a lesson from former teammate Boof Bonser this offseason, losing 35 pounds in an effort to regain his stuff and stamina.

At 285 lbs., the Seattle Mariners' righty went a shoddy 4-15 with a career-worst 6.46 ERA in his first season out West, winning just one of his last 23 starts. Something had to be done.

So he started a rigorous yoga program, quit eating after 7pm and went to bed early. Turns out that's all a guy needs to do to lose the weight of a 4-year-old off his back.
"I’m telling you, man, that’s the worst thing I ever did in my life," he said, referring to the yoga. "I was so stiff. My God, it was so painful."
Congrats big guy!

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Anonymous said...

The only difference I see is that he no longer looks Venezuelan.