Season Previews: Florida Marlins

Now that it's pretty much Spring, it's time for one of our favorite things in all the world: Season Previews. Two years ago, they began as a serious analysis and ended up as half-assed haiku. We're just gonna go with what we know. Moving right along with our preview of the National League East, here they are: the Florida Marlins.

John Baker is back
What was the point of all that?
They couldn't land Pudge

Dan's up the middle
He's anything but Uggla
Hooked up with Hanley

Scott Proctor still plays?
He must have a good agent
Or the Fish are nuts

Maybin is awesome
Wes Helms will play anywhere
So will Brett Carroll

The Marlins improved
In 2008
Above .500

Forty-two comebacks
And eleven walkoff wins
But awful defense

Time to step it up
Stop the sucking at baseball
And win down the stretch

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Wax Heaven said...

Pudge without the Juice is like baseball without a bat.

John Baker will shock South Florida this season.