Randy Johnson: Old and Full of Crap

Old schooler Randy Johnson, who joined the San Francisco Giants this winter, claims the elusive 300th win is not what made him return to baseball once again for the 2009 season.
"Winning 300 is important, but it is not the [sole] reason I am playing this game," he said.

The Big Unit needs only five more victories to reach the milestone, which only 17 other big leaguers have accomplished in the modern era. Most recently it was Tom Glavine in 2007, and before him Greg Maddux and Roger Clemens in '04 and '03, respectively.

Johnson, a five-time Cy Young Award winner and the only man to kill a dove with a 95 mph fastball, is a career 295-160 with a 3.26 ERA. Barring back trouble... which tends to happen at the ripe old age of 45... he shouldn't have any issue getting to the five-win mark sometime by, let's say, July.

Also, he seems to have ditched the mullet for the dirtball-feather. Progress? I'm not sure.

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Timberhill said...

Think you misplaced the period in his career ERA. Cause otherwise, damn.

Sooze said...

One of my funnier typos I suppose.

Bassmaster said...

I love the stigma that comes along with trying to reach that sort of milestone. There's no way he's doing it before July 1st, especially with that shoddy offense behind him!

Razgriz said...

well there is another reason he is playing another season.....$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Otherwise he wouldn't of signed with the giants, if he just wanted the 5 wins he would go to a team that actually gives run support.

Marea said...

300 wins be damned.
I still say he should be in the HOF if only to be recognized for all eternity for the bird incident.
Or for keeping his mullet (and let's face it, he still has a mullet-y hairstyle) all the way through the 1990's AND 2000's.

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