Blah Blah Steroids

New details have arose in the A-Rod Steroids Scandal. It turns out the former golden boy of baseball now blames his cousin for injecting him with an over-the-counter performance-enhancing substance.

Rodriguez says he chose to be shot up with drugs obtained in the Dominican Republic to gain an energy boost, which he refers to as a "stupid mistake."

A week-and-a-half after the three-time AL MVP and the game's highest-paid star was thrown under the bus by Sports Illustrated, he made a 55-minute apology to the media. A-Rod began the circus by reading a statement of B.S. and finished with a dramatic 37-second pause. He then blinked like a crackhead, turned to his teammates and simply said "Thank you."

No one said, "You're welcome."

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Jerry said...

Never mind what A-Rod used or when. Who cares now? He's gone from telling Katie it was nothing at all to admitting it was something -- he wasn't quite sure what -- to offering specifics on what it was and where it came from: the DR.

What he used, or has been using, isn't the story anymore. People aren't going to debate his past "or talk about my future as if it's already been determined."

Oh, no. They're be too busy knockin' on doors in Central America, Miami and elsewhere.

Trust me: I was in the business for nearly three decades. I sent people running after a lot less than that. From where I sit now, I can practically hear the voices raised at once: "Find the cousin!"

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