Screw Baseball. Screw it Right in the ass

Hey everybody. I realize it's been a while since I've written anything, but "real job" kind of owns me in every way a person can be owned.

Anyway, I'm writing today to inform everyone that I'm through with baseball. I will never pay to watch a game, purchase team merchandise, or read the sports section of any paper that I'm not paid to read.

The Yankees offseason spending spree has officially hit ridiculous. And this isn't just the rabid anger of a disgruntled Sox fan. For the record, I was leery of the Teixiera signing to begin with. Mike Lowell is my favorite Red Sox, and he'd be on the chopping block if the Sox had signed him.

As of 4pm today, the Yankees have spent $423 million dollars on free agents this offseason. New York now has a record number of homeless families. Six months ago, the Yankees asked the city of New York for an additional $480 million dollars to fund that new piece of crap stadium. They bulldozed parks that used to be playgrounds for the children of the South Bronx. There were plenty of shady backroom deals involving the market value of Yankee stadium.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, NYC taxpayers. Get angry, because you should be.

How much is too much? Personally, I'm done with baseball, until they implement a salary cap. It's officially out of control. Screw the Steinbrenners, screw Fat CC and AJ "the second coming of Carl Pavano," and screw Mark "I've been with four teams before my 29th birthday" Teixiera. It's too much. And before you accuse me of being a bitter Sox fan, I'd be just as infuriated about this if it were any other team. In a time where people are losing their homes at a record level, unemployment is at an all time high, this just isn't appropriate, and ask yourself, HONESTLY, what would be so bad about a salary cap in baseball?


Sarah said...

While I understand your frustration, the Yankees are not isolated in their spending habits. Every team who builds a new stadium asks for tax help from the city they are building in. In addition, the Yankees spending money on players has nothing to do with the homeless population. The Yankees make more money from merchandise, the YES network, advertising etc than any other team. That's where the player money comes from. The Yankees spending less money on players won't give more money to the homeless. If anything, creating a bigger draw will raise the Yankees revenue and create MORE tax dollars for the city.

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