There Is No Joy In Wrigleyville

There is no sorrow in the world of sports like being a Cubs fan. Chicago is one of the greatest cities not just in the Midwest, or United States, but in the world. But the invisible fence around Wrigley Field seems to prevent joy from ever entering the friendly confines.

Maybe it gets lost in the ivy. Or blown into the tiny whitecaps of Lake Michigan on its way to the North Side of the Windy City. Maybe the goat ate it. At any rate, fans are kept on pins and needles from that first pitch on opening day to that moment when the Cubs have lost their last game. The real reason Cub fans are blue? It's from holding their breath all the time.

Carlos Zambrano, who not long ago pitched a no-hitter after concerns he had a tired arm, couldn't get the win needed last night against Torre's Dodgers. Cubs defense was sloppy, the offense quiet, and the fans sat pale-faced, patiently waiting for a moment to cheer about something. The strange part is that the Chicago Cubs have a rockin' team this year. I mean, they're really good. It should at least be good baseball, not the slaughters we witnessed Wednesday and Thursday. Manny doesn't need another World Series ring.

And yet the series isn't over. The Cubs remain a great team. They just need to get their groove on. Cheer up!

Here's something to make Cubs fans smile. Remember how the cameras would find chicks in the bleachers, and Harry would invariably slur, "There's a couple of lovely fans, enjoying tonight's game." And just try to imagine him pronouncing this year's roster. Ought to be good for a chuckle. Or, think back to when Sosa popped his cork on the field. That's funny now, right?

Keep the faith. Don't look back. And in the words of the great Yogi Berra, "Who the hell put mustard on this thing?"


Timberhill said...

Would Cubs fans truly enjoy a World Series victory? Is that what they actually want?

I ask because if they should ever win one again, then Cubs fans lose their ability to complain about how it sucks to be a Cubs fan, and pity this, pity that, it's a hard knock life kind of stuff.

I'm on the fence with the Cubs. I would like for them to win once so I no longer have to hear about poor Cubs fans, but on the other hand, should they win one I could easily see them becoming just as annoying as the Red Sox and their fan base.