The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

As the world series has now officially began, I'm inspired to write about the good, the bad, and the ugly of the last 46 minutes.

1. I am watching the game from my hotel room overlooking the beach. Score.
2. The Backstreet Boys sang the national anthem. I'll proudly admit I love the hell out of those guys.
3. The Red Sox didn't make it to this game. Neither did the Yankees. Hooray!
4. Chase Utley hit a two run bomb in the first inning. Mind you, I'm not rooting for either team necessarily, but World Series homers are always exciting.
5. The audience has a fever. MORE COWBELL!! Nice.

1. Joe fucking Buck. GOD he sucks.
2. The Twins didn't make it to this game. Neither did any teams from Southern California, allowing me to try to get to a game. Sigh.
3. All of the 'worst to first' commentary. We know, we know. The Rays sucked when the devil was part of their name. Praise be to Jesus.
4. They cut off Jason Bartlett when he was about to introduce himself in the lineup. Poor bastard.
5. Evan Longoria is cute, but not nearly as hot as Eva Longoria. Now, I may be straight and married, but I'd make out with her.

1: Joe fucking Buck. Again, he sucks. Someone should punch him in the face.
2: The Phillies defense in the first inning. Hmmm.
3: Howie from the Backstreet Boys. Never liked him. Wish he quit instead of Kevin.
4: Tampa's stadium. Dreary and lame. Didn't they learn from the Metrodome??
5: Did I mention Joe Buck? Fuck the Buck. I wish he'd shut up. I'm going to make Fuck the Buck t-shirts and bumper stickers. I think I'll be rich.


1 Comment:

Maggliana said...

I love watching this year's World Series. Both teams belong there, and I don't hate either one.

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