Fuck the White Sox

Oh, Twins fans, I'm really depressed right now.

Nick Blackburn pitched the goddamn game of his life. But, he was pitching to the White Sox, so he gave up a home run.

Just one.

Yes, a solo home run by Jim Thome in the 7th proved to be the decisive run as our wonderful Minnesota Twins lost, 1-0, at the Cell on Tuesday.

I don't think it could be more depressing.

This is how the 2008 Twins season ended, unceremoniously, with a shutout against the White Sox.

Sorry, Southsiders, but the White Sox are awful. I would rather have anyone from the AL Central win EXCEPT for the Sox. I hate them all: I hate to hate Ken Jr, because he's so awesome. But I DO. Because he's a White Sock. I hate Jim Thome. I hate Bobby Jenks, and I hate Nick Swisher, and I really, really hate A.J. Pierzynski.

I say honestly and without bias that I would rather see anyone in the Central; nay, in the entire American League make it to the playoffs over the White Sox.

Alright, BLB fans, pick your teams. I'm hitching my wagon to the Cubs. I love the Cubbies. My dream is a Cubs-Rays World Series.

The one, very small bright spot in all of this: Joe Mauer won the AL Batting Title.

< commence depression and heavy drinking ... only 5 months until Spring Training! >


Cooney said...

Well said. Fuck the fucking White Sox, those fucking fucks! Go Rays!