Bring on the Post Season!

Allow myself to introduce.. myself....

My name is Marea, and Sooze has graciously invited me to contribute to BLB during the post-season. As a fellow babe who loves baseball, I hope to make this little corner of the interwebs proud...


Like I said in the title, bring on the post season! No, I mean really, BRING ON THE POST SEASON! This waiting to find out who won the AL Central is killing me. (Yes, I am a rabid Twins fan. My cat is named Herbie after the great #14). And not only do we have to wait until the ChiSox and the Tigers duke it out today to find out if the Sox even tie for first, thus causing the tie-breaker between the Sox and Twins, but now the rain delayed make up game is rain delayed. Oh the bitter irony! The torture!

The only thing that gets me through this day is my imagination's version of how Ozzie Guillen is handling this waiting game, and Jim Leyland chain-smoking cigs, telling his over-paid, overly-disappointing ballclub that this is the one chance they get to at least tie for last place, and not sit there alone.

If you never see another post from me, it's because I died of a stroke waiting for this tom-foolery to end. And if that happened, I appreciate this one shot of babe-dom that was granted by the Grand Babe herself.


Laura said...

Tell it sista!! Can't wait to get home and be able to watch those Tigers beat the Sox!!