Thank You for not Throwing Beer

Incoming!Man, I love watching Gardy get all fired up.

Twins fans got a little unruly at the Metrodome Thursday evening during the finale of a four-game series against the Chicago White Sox, which resulted in a 10-6 victory for Minnesota.

Fans chucked dozens of balls and hats onto the turf in a display of support for ejected manager Ron Gardenhire, who was arguing with home plate ump Marty Foster for a bad strike call on Denard Span in the seventh.

Joe Mauer's RBI single and Jason Kubel’s three-run bomb highlighted the four-run inning that saw fans tossing crap onto the field while the Sox players ran for cover in the dugout... like a bunch of sissies.

Hey. At least those fans didn't waste their beers. That would have been inexcusable.

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Bassmaster said...

Hey. At least those fans didn't waste their beers. That would have been inexcusable.

Way to join the fight against alcohol abuse!

Anonymous said...

Stay classy, Twins fans.

Tricia said...

That was one of the best baseball games I have ever, ever seen.

TwinsGoddess said...

That whole series was a veritable parade of astonishingly bad calls.

I've seen Gardy get worked up before, but he really outdid himself last night.

Timberhill said...

Bad call? Yes.

Gardenhire? Hilariously awesome.

Fans throwing stuff? Get the f*ck out of the stadium morons.

Fornelli said...

What Sooze fails to mention is that she threw about 20 of her empty cups, and a small infant seated two rows in front of her.

Also, I agree, the umpiring throughout the series was horrible. For both sides.

Liza said...

Marty Foster has a notoriously inconsistent strike zone. It's not even that it's big or small or wide or tall or anything--just random. One pitch can be said to be inside, and an identical pitch an inning latter will be a called strike.