Manny Involved in a 3-Way

Manny can be Manny in LA nowNow that Lizzy has said her goodbyes, Manny Ramirez has been traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers in a three-team swap that also sent Jason Bay from the Pittsburgh Pirates to Beantown. The second-place Dodgers also got some cash outa the deal, so that's pretty sweet for them.

Manny is expected to make his LA debut Friday night for his new ex-rival manager Joe Torre against Randy Johnson and the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Former Boston teammates Derek Lowe and Nomar Garciaparra are pumped about the move.
"Manny is really a simple person," said Nomar.
I'm sure he meant that in the nicest way possible.

The horribly sucky, last place Pirates received minor league reliever Craig Hansen and outfielder Brandon Moss from Boston, along with third baseman Andy LaRoche and righty pitcher Bryan Morris from the Dodgers. LaRoche, Moss and Hansen will hang out in Pittsburgh, and Morris will be sent down to paly with the Class A Hickory Crawdads.

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MoonDog said...

The Dodgers got the best of this deal. You have to like their chances of winning the NL West now with his presence in the lineup.