Six Things I'm Thinking About Right Now

Sixish things I am thinking about right now

1. Alex Rodriguez sure gets a boner every time he sees a) Derek Jeter b) Women who look like Tom Petty.

2. Roger Clemens is a self-loving anal-sphincter who, despite his rapid downfall into perjury charges and statutory rape, still jerks off to tabloid back pages of himself.

3. Brett Favre is intrigued by Clemens' newsletter, and wishes to subscribe to it.

4. I can't spell. And if you point it out, I will fucking end you.

5. A no hitter does not count against the Red Sox if Coco Crisp/Jason Varitek is in the lineup.

6. I'm glad the Braves were able to send Mark Teixiera to the best fucking team in baseball for nothing more than a case of ramen in the form of some B-list prospects. THANKS FOR NOTHING, ATLANTA. FUCK!


Anonymous said...

Casey Kotchman is pissed, hes B List and his off season just started today