Mike Hampton: My Groin Hurts

sissypantsI'm not sure whether to laugh so hard I pee my pants or feel terrible for the guy, but the oft-injured Mike Hampton has tripped up once again, seeing yet another setback in his recovery from the pectoral muscle he originally injured.

Hampton -- by far the most over-paid pitcher in the history of the game -- was all set to return to the Atlanta Braves rotation after the All-Star break, but left Wednesday’s rehab start for Class-AA Mississippi after just two innings with a strained groin.
"I wish I had a magic cure, a magic pill that I could swallow," he said. "I wouldn’t sell my soul to the devil, but I’d get pretty close."
Well that's just pure laziness. No wonder he can't stay healthy!

Will someone please help this guy get in touch with a new rehab specialist? This is just getting ridiculous... in a depressing, horribly funny way. Pretty sure he could hurt himself just by thinking too hard.

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