El Capitán Chorizo to Start Tuesday

Captain Cheeseburger... Colonel Cheesesteak... El Capitán Chorizo
New team, new nickname. If he would've landed with the Phillies, we would've called him Colonel Cheesesteak. Believe it.

Spankin' new Milwaukee Brewers lefty C.C. Sabathia (traded by the Cleveland Indians Sunday for Double-A outfielder/first baseman Matt LaPorta, Class-A righty Rob Bryson, and AAA lefty Zach Jackson) is scheduled to debut at Miller Park against the Colorado Rockies Tuesday night, followed by another start against the Cincinnati Reds on Sunday, which should be enough to get him all settled in before the All-Star break.

Captain Cheeseburger El Capitán Chorizo, welcome to the place where the more of this you drink, the more of this you see.

Also -- and this is interesting, if you're as into punctuation as I am -- C.C. (Carsten Charles) Sabathia has apparently told members of the Milwaukee media that he prefers his named written as CC Sabathia. That's right, . J.J. Hardy, however, will keep the periods for now.

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Megs said...

They have the same mustache thing going. Its like they're sisters!