Okay, Seriously This Time

ballparks are fun
So, we realize it took two extra days for us to decide on the four finalists for the BLB Ballpark Photo Contest, but it was really difficult. We sincerely apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience. Here they are, in no particular order.

#1. Melissa had many favorites, but ultimately settled on this old school pic of Becky at Wrigley Field from 1983. *Editor's note: Sooze did some detective work and found a recent picture of this life-long Cubbies fan, at Wrigley of course.

Becky, kickin it old school at Wrigley Field
#2. Sarah enjoying the Cleveland Indians home opener warmed our Sarah's heart.

Sarah, freezing her ass off for the Tribe
#3. This picture of Dan and Super-Drunk-Guy at PNC Park made Sooze laugh. Hard.

Dan and Super-Drunk-guy at PNC
#4. This one of Clare... I mean, Pat Burrell... just couldn't be topped for Lizzy.

Clare the Bat
Four fabulous pictures, just a weekend to decide who wins. Now it's your duty to choose which fan gets the $50 MLB.com gift card along with a BLB t-shirt and hat, so head to the bottom of this post or (once it inevitably gets buried) the left sidebar and vote! We'll announce the winner sometime Monday evening. (really)

Thanks again to everyone who entered, it was great to be able to put a face with the comments. We loved looking at your ugly mugs and it was almost impossible to narrow it down to just four of you.


Megs said...

Oh my gosh, that old Cubbies one is great.

Steven said...

WOW! I guess babes DO love baseball!

Bassmaster said...

I vote Sarah. That girl is dedicated!

Eric (Extra P.) said...

OK, the final four are impossible to choose from, so I can only imagine the difficulty of getting it down to the finals.

Jimmy said...

Sarah's got my vote, too! That's a true fan of the "summer" game! :^)

Camp Tiger Claw said...

I vote Becky because I want to get in a time machine and buy her a bag of peanuts.

Then take her back to my house and get to know her while we listen to the Talking Heads.

And drink Tab with booze in it.

And complain about Reagan.

And drink Tab with booze in it.

And get to know her.

Matt Fedorka said...

SARAH!!!! Mad props...

Matt said...

SARAH!!!! Mad props...

bambo said...

sarah sarah sarah its all about dedication and love of the tribe. and maybe grady?