Milton Bradley is a Big, Ornery Sissy

Psycho alert!
As if it's not crappy enough being a Kansas City Royals tv analyst, Ryan Lefebvre has to deal with Milton Bradley almost flipping out on him.

The Texas Rangers designated hitter, who led the AL with a .333 batting average and a hot temper heading into Thursday, heard himself being compared to crackhead-turned-bible-banger Josh Hamilton by Lefebvre on a TV in the Rangers clubhouse. Naturally, he resorted to anger and violence, storming out of the clubhouse and up four flights of stairs to find the a-hole that talked smack.

After being restrained by GM Jon Daniels and skipper Ron Washington, Bradley return to the clubhouse and screamed at his teammates. Then the crying started... like, real tears and everything.

"I’m tired of people bringing me down," he said.
After he calmed down, several of his teammates gave him hugs and then Ron baked them cookies.

The end.



Megs said...

Sounds to me like he has some sort of personality disorder with a little case of paranoia. Crazytrain!