Hard Lumber: Players of the Month

Jesus told me to do it.Texas Rangers stud center fielder Josh Hamilton, who is like, the comeback player of the century, was honored Monday as the American League's Player of the Month for May.

Hamilton became the first AL player to win the award for April and May in the same season after hitting .328 with a big league-best 63 RBIs, which is a whopping 13 more than the next two closest players, Adrian Gonzalez and Chase Utley.

He led the league with 15 homers, 77 hits and 25 multi-hit games with eight longballs and 29 RBIs in May, helping his Rangers win 19 of 29 games.

Color us impressed. And totally turned on.

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Lance Smash
So I guess, don't mess with Texas this month. Houston Astros monster of a first baseman Lance Berkman is May's Player of the Month for the National League.

The switch-hitting Fat Elvis, honored for the second time in his career, hit .471 for the month with nine homers, 11 doubles, a triple, 22 RBIs and 10 stolen bases.

"I didn't know he was the greatest hitter in the history of baseball until this guy showed up for the last month or so," Astros general manager Ed Wade said.
Slow down, Fast Eddie.

Berkman, who's shown no sign of slowing down himself, is stationed in the top three in the NL with 17 homers, 47 RBIs, 57 runs scored and a steady .385 batting average for 2008.

No, I will not call him Big Puma.

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Bassmaster said...

no SI cover jinx for this guy. Jesus is on his side!

/thumbs up