The Fab Four

Honorable mention: Clare from Ladies...
We are at our happiest when at ballgames, and it seems you are, too. We asked you to send us your favorite picture from the ballpark, and we received an over-whelming response. Some were hilarious, some were heart-warming, some were totally inappropriate. But you'll have that, since most of you found us via google search for "babes."

So, we're having a little trouble choosing the pictures we liked best. We're gonna need another day or two. Posted above is a photo of fellow blogger Clare. She gets an A for effort.

Below is Camp Tiger Claw. So hot.

Honorable mention: Camp Tiger Claw from Walk Off Walk
Check back tomorrow for the four finalists to see if you're one of them!

[BLB Ballpark Photo Contest]


Anonymous said...

Talk about anticipation and then let down.

That guy looks like Mike Piazza. Kinda weird.


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