Mike Hampton: You're Joking Me, Right?

Mike Hampton sucks at staying healthy.
What the hell is Mike Hampton's deal? This guy seriously could not stay healthy, even if his career depended on it. .

How ridiculous is it that this guy can't step foot on the hill without hurting himself? The Atlanta Braves lefty, who is obviously made out of papier-mache and glass, left his minor-league start for the AAA Richmond Braves Wednesday with discomfort in his left pectoral muscle, yet again.

He did throw 71 pitches -- in a row -- over almost four innings, so that's kind of encouraging.

But not really.

[Atlanta Journal-Constitution]


Anonymous said...

Don't get me started, please. I am so sick of this guy. I don't know why he doesn't just man up and retire and return some of the money. I mean, how can he not be able to live comfortably with his pay if he just gave up? He's raped the Braves enough. I swear, if I saw this guy out on public, I'd strangle him. I cannot stand this loser.

Dan (BravesNuWorld)