Why We [Bleeping] Love Ozzie Guillen

[bleep] yeahIt's been a little while since we've heard or read a profanity-laced outburst from Chicago White Sox skipper Ozzie Guillen. Too long.

Sunday morning, he went off like a weapon of mass destruction, cursing the day each and every Chicago-born reporter was born. Check out some of our favorite snippets and feel free to play fill in the [bleeps]...

"The Cubs haven't won in 100 years, and they're the [bleeping] best. [Bleep] it, we're good. [Bleep] everybody. We're horse[bleep], and we're going to be horse[bleep] the rest of our lives, no matter how many World Series we win."
and then there was this gem...
"How about the Cubs celebrating that Lee Elia bull[bleep]? How many times do I curse people out? I will make a lot of money with my [bleep]. I have to keep going because in the future Ozzie will need money, and I can say, 'Here, give me money, here's the 10-year anniversary of my time I called Jay Mariotti stuff and the time I went on the radio and cursed out Mike North.'"
We love you, Ozzie. Please never shut up.

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[Chicago Tribune]


Tuffy said...

I have replaced every bleep with "pantyliner". It pleases me.