On Karma and Good Deeds

Disclaimer: I posted this story on Strike Zones and Endzones also. Just saving you from reading it twice.

So, Thursday night I headed to Nationals Park for the game and thanks to the glory of corporate seats, I had six tickets. Because of changing schedules (and the fact that they were playing the lowly Pirates, I ended up with three extra tickets.

On the way to the game on the Metro, we ran into three baseball fans decked out in Red Sox gear - hats, sweatshirts, the whole nine. As a Yankees fan I was obliged to give them a friendly hard time. We started chatting and it turned out that this was their first time going to the new Nationals Park and they hadn't bought tickets yet. So in a moment of good nature, I handed over my three extra tickets for free and told them to enjoy the game.

Fast forward a few days to Sunday. I was in the car on the way to the Yankees game (I'm a two city girl) and was sitting in a bit of traffic heading into the garage. While we were stopped, the woman in the car in front of mine jumped out and ran back to my window. I rolled down the window, thinking she had a question or was lost, and instead she handed me an extra parking pass she happened to have, saving me the $20 it would have cost me to park in the garage.

Moral of the story...karma exists and Yankees fans aren't all douchebags.


Sooze said...

That was incredibly heart-warming.