No One Cares About Your Fantasy Team

freebase my balls, hanging in there at lucky #13
I hope I never claimed to be awesome at fantasy baseball, except that one time I talked trash during the entire draft. Above is a screenshot of one of the Babes Love Baseball fantasy league standings, where I have actually moved up from last place to 13th. That's right! I'm coming for you, Eddie Money-Ball! But not really.

Clearly, the fellas from the Fantasy Baseball Gurus show were unaware of my complete lack of skills when they asked me to join their podcast as a special guest. But, I agreed anyhow, and it ended up being pretty fun, especially when I declared my secret love for Derek Jeter's tight pants from the 90's. I have a feeling I'll be stopping by there for pointers for the remainder of the season.

You can listen here somewhere around the 36:00 mark, then make fun of me . Whether you suck at fantasy baseball or not, these guys are chock full of excellent advice we all could use.

Also, check out "Our Fantasies" on the left-hand sidebar to find answers to all of your fantasy questions. Except that one, which will never happen, pal.


Bassmaster said...

freebase my balls = comedy gold.