It's About Damn Time

Way to go, buddy!
After five failed attempts, San Diego Padres veteran Greg Maddux has finally earned his 350th victory.

Just the ninth pitcher in big league history to reach the mark, the future Hall of Famer improved to 350-217 over 23 big league seasons. This is just one more milestone to accompany his four NL Cy Young Awards, a World Series ring and a record 17 Gold Glove Awards.

Maddux (3-3, 3.60 ERA) pitched six solid innings against the Colorado Rockies for a 3-2 victory, retiring his first seven batters and finishing with no earned runs on 3 hits and a strikeout.
"It was kind of cool," said the 42-year-old righty. "I don’t want to make it out to be nothing, but it is May and we haven’t been playing that good... We need to start winning as a team and hopefully tonight is the start of things to come."
Yeah, just kind of cool. If "kind of cool" means fricking amazing.

Spankin' new catcher Luke Carlin, who made his big league debut Saturday just a day after his contract was purchased from the AAA Portland Beavers, said he’ll never forget catching both Maddux and old school closer Trevor Hoffman during his first day on the job.
"I was happy for him," Maddux said. "Your first day in the big leagues, trust me, is a lot more special than things you do later in your career."
Sadly, it was just the fifth win in 23 games for the 13-24 Padres, who own the crappiest record in baseball.

[Union Tribune]


John said...

It's wild to think that Maddux has 350 wins (a number that 8 other men have eclipsed) yet it's stats like 500 home runs that people make a big deal about (23, 6 active soon to be 7)

Heck when Chipper Jones becomes the 43rd man ever to hit 400 home runs I'm almost certain even that will get more big time exposure.

Oh well, what can we do but complain. :P

Thanks for the link in the clip.

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