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Can I Get a Fist Pump?

I can't help it! My fist just needs to pump!
Hall of Fame closer Goose Gossage apparently took issue with some of Joba Chamberlain's on-field antics during a Hall of Fame tour Monday, saying he felt there was "no place in the game" for things like fist-pumping after a strikeout.

The New York Yankees' rookie right-hander is an animated kid, and tends to get pretty fired up about making outs. But is he totally out of line? I mean, has Goose ever seen Jose Valverde pitch? Holy smokes.

The two sides relayed opinions over the phone Tuesday, but accomplished little more than to agree to disagree.

"Everybody has their own opinion," Chamberlain said. "It is what it is. I am not going to change."
Of course, you don't want to over-use the fist pump. It has its place and tends to lose effect if you're going to bust one out every time you fan somebody. So, when is it okay to show emotion on the field?

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Juskimo said...

It's all fun and games until he pulls a Bill Gramatica and snaps a femur fist pumping upon getting a groundout to preserve a 7-2 lead against the Royals in a meaningless August game.

I think the point underlying the Gooses' message is that there is a difference between celebrating a big individual moment and celebrating a big team moment. I don't think Jeter would fist pump after hitting a homer off a pitcher who had previously gotten him out in the third inning of a 5-0 game. Joba, by celebrating his personal triumph, puts himself before the team. He makes it clear that the most important thing is not what the Yankees have done, but rather what Joba has done.