Where Am I?

First of all, it seems that one Twins game on Friday Saturday... ahem... (where we proceeded to drink from 8:30am until 2:30am) makes for an entire weekend of voiceless debilitation. Weird!

So, lots of stuff has gone down since we posted last. For instance, the Detroit Tigers have forgotten how to win ballgames. First the Kansas City Royals handed them an 0-3 series, and now the Chicago White Sox are looking for the 3-0 sweep. The Motor City Kitties are officially off to their worst start since going 0-9 in 2003. Bizarro!

The Washington Nationals started their season off at 3-0, but it turns out they were just joking, since being swept by the 5-1 St. Louis Cardinals. To make things even more strange, Kyle Lohse is 1-0 with a non-existent ERA!

Also, Jake Peavy -- who we love and can do no wrong -- may or may not have had a dark substance on his hand Sunday. La La La, we can't hear you!

Read about the blogosphere's favorite ball teams over at Rumors and Rants. Hint: Sooze's won a Championship in 1987.

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Megs said...

Missed you ladies!