We Love Ozzie Guillen

Dear Puerto Rico,

Welcome to the controversial world of Chicago White Sox skipper Ozzie Guillen. Enjoy your stay and please keep all rebuttals to yourself. They do not matter, unless they are profanity-laden. Then we'll hear them.


Babes Love Baseball

This time, all Ozzie said was that Roberto Clemente was not the best player to come out of Puerto Rico. He named Ivan Rodriguez and Roberto Alomar above the legendary right fielder, which is only a matter of opinion, much like the majority of what flies out of Guillen's mouth.

Big deal? Not really, especially since Ozzie carries a picture of Clemente in his wallet and collects his memorabilia.

Also, it sure took him long enough to get tossed this season.

[Inside the White Sox]

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David said...

To Puerto Ricans, especially those on the island, that's worse than saying, oh, that Jesus isn't Lord and Savior, or that arroz con gandules isn't delicious...it's beyond blasphemy, even if it may have merit. God, I can't wait for Ozzie to call someone something foul so he can get canned--when he goes, it'll be epic, tears and everything.