Slow Down, Ten-Speed

Ronny Cedeno told reporters Monday that the Chicago Cubs are "thinking about the World Series." Tuesday, he retracted his comment.

"I’m going to take it back," he said. "I go too fast."
Just a little bit.

The Cubbies infielder let his bat have a word during the club's 8-1 victory over the New York Mets this afternoon, nailing a grand slam and driving in a total of five runs.

To Cedeno's credit, the Cubs are smoking hot right now. Tuesday's victory marks their 16th win in 19 games. They racked up 14 hits and improved to 14-6, their best April record since 1975.

Thanks to Tuffy for providing the angelic-looking photo to our right.

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deborah said...

look at you. you're like a siren, calling me to my eventual baseball fan demise.
is it next year? is it?! IS IT?!@#!