Losers of the Week

As we all know, the baseball season gives us many reasons to cheer. But just as plentiful are the moments we jeer and the people who make those moments possible.

It will be those zeroes that we'll highlight every Friday in Losers of the Week.

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I want to start with an actual conversation heard outside Yankee Stadium on Wednesday night.

Douchbag Red Sox fan to Bronx cop: Hey, aren't there any cops who are Red Sox fans around here?

Bronx cop to douchbag Red Sox fan: Who the fuck do you think you're talking to?

ESPN lands on our list this week for being lame. Blindsiding Miguel Tejada with a copy of his birth certificate is, as Charles Barkley put it, bush league. It's also a cop out for the news they can't break.

"We can't prove he's taking PED's so let prove he's really 33 instead."

Next on our list is baseball announcer Marty Brennaman. Not for his Bob Uecker hair and retirement village tan, but for being a grumpy Cubs fan hater. "They're throwing balls on the field at a baseball game! Degenerates!". If I was a Cubs fan, I'd need to find other ways to entertain myself at a game too.

And speaking of Cubs fans, the creators of these incredibly offensive (yet kinda funny) Cubs shirts round out our list today. Not for making the shirts, because they are quite marketable, but for not selling them on the internet so people can buy them without hiking it out to Wrigley. And that goes double for the Yankee Pope hats.

And now, your baseball zen moment of the week:


Megs said...

No discredit to Sarah, but these things almost write themselves. The world is full of idiots!