Losers of the Week

As we all know, the baseball season gives us many reasons to cheer. But just as plentiful are the moments we jeer and the people who make those moments possible.

It will be those zeroes that we'll highlight every Friday in Losers of the Week.

This week's post is sponsored by Guitar Hero.
"Guitar Hero. Putting pitchers on the DL one chord at a time."

Chicago Cubs Minor League pitcher Robert Hernandez was suspended for 50 games for testing positive for steroids. I mean seriously, have we learned nothing? Besides, if you're a 19 year-old in the minor leagues and you need steroids to get ahead, you've got no shot in the majors.

Yankees fans John Bunjaporte and Keith O'Rourke were kicked out of Yankee Stadium on Opening Day for trying to steal a piece of the decorative bunting that hung throughout the stadium. Not only were they kicked out, but they lost their season tickets and face criminal mischief charges. Shame on them. No, not the enthusiastic fans. Yankee Stadium officials. So they tried to steal some ugly banner and for that they miss the rest of the stadium's final season? What kind of a world do we live in where players are the only ones who can steal signs?

And finally, Brian McNamee is selling signed Roger Clemens memorabilia on Ebay. So far it consists of photos, baseballs and items of the like so it's pretty boring. But the minute those vials and tissues hits the auction site, I'm all over it.

And because it has become a Sarah tradition, I leave you with a song. A song about losers featuring a kid on the guitar with a t-shirt that says baseball. And thus, all the pieces come together.


Bassmaster said...

These things almost write themselves. Well done ladies.