Francisco Liriano, Why Must You Hurt Me?

What a heartbreaker.

After barely recording two outs while allowing six runs on five hits and walking three, Minnesota Twins struggling lefy Francisco Liriano was pulled in the first inning of Thursday afternoon's game against the Oakland Athletics.

And actually, one of the outs was an assist by outfielder Jason Kubel, who nailed Chris Denorfia after a greedy attempt at taking third from first on a base hit.

It's not like this is the first start Liriano has struggled in. Since his comeback from Tommy John surgery this season, he can't seem to locate the strikezone at all, throwing just 15 of 35 pitches for strikes today.

There had been some speculation on skipping the 24-year-old's next scheduled start to go with a four-man rotation -- considering the abundance of off-days the Twins have coming up -- but I really dislike that idea. With a passion. He needs to pitch and get more innings under his belt, and clearly, he's not ready for the big leagues yet. I believe his 11.32 ERA over 3 starts (10.1 IP) speaks for itself.

With Michael Cuddyer returning from the DL Friday, Twins brass must make the decision on who to send down to make room for Cuddy. If I had to make the call, it would be Liriano without question. Or Denard Span. Cause, yeah.

However, after all of that, I still have to be pumped about speedy Carlos Gomez's first homer of the season. Way to go, buddy.



Megs said...

That was horrible. The entire game was awful.