10,000 Wins. That's a Lot.

Blown leads, death-defying catches, big bats. That's just how the Chicago Cubs roll.

The Baby Bears beat the Colorado Rockies 7-6 Wednesday night on Ryan Theriot’s RBI single off Kip Wells with two outs in the 10th, for not only their sixth straight win but the club's 10,000th.
"It was a tough first 10,000 wins," The Riot laughed. "I hope the next 10,000 are easier."
Chicago improved to 15-6 for just the fourth time in the last 100 years, bringing their all-time record to 10,000-9,465. That's a lot of ball games.

[Chicago Tribune]


Tuffy said...

Slightly above average! Slightly above average! WOOOOOO!