Season Preview: St. Louis Cardinals

Now that Spring Training has started, we're continuing on with Season Previews. Last year, they began as a serious analysis and ended as half-assed haiku, which we're just gonna keep rolling with.

Ladies and gentlemen, the St. Louis Cardinals:

Albert Pujols
Will have to be clutch
When the rest of the Cardinals suck.

None of them
Can stay healthy it seems
And half of the rotation is hurt.

Young Ankiel
Is a favorite with fans
But won't be enough to finish over .500

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Megs said...

Mascots are so weird.

Bruce said...

The Birds DL'd seven players today in preparation for Opening Day. 6 of the 7 were pitchers, including 4 starters; the 7th was Juan Encarnacion, who will most likely never play again. Can you say long season?

Cardinal70 said...

Toss me my rose-colored glasses, because I'm thinking this isn't going to be that bad of a year.

The offense has an explosive quality we've not seen in recent years and the pitching--well, it'll be better than last year's!