Rays Still Attempting a Rivalry

I just really love that picture.

It's not officially Spring until benches clear and punches are thrown. During the second inning of a spring training game between the feisty Tampa Bay Rays and the New York Yankees Wednesday, a melee led to the ejections of two players and two coaches.

Just two days after Joe Girardi whined about the Rays' aggressive play this spring, Shelley Duncan decided to spike his way into second base by way of Akinori Iwamura's thigh. Duncan was asked to leave, Jonny Gomes -- -- flipped out and ran all the way from right field with the intention of depantsing Duncan, and two coaches were tossed in the process.

Are the Rays turning into bullies? Is Duncan pissed because everyone calls him Shelley, even though his first name is David?

Here's a link to the video, shaky-cam style. I'm sure there's a higher quality video out there, I just wanted to make sure the world told this dude to stop stealing cable -- his reception is horrible.

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Megs said...

Haha! Bartlett's like "Nooooooo you guuuuuuuuuys!"