Pranksters Rule

Rookies get no respect!There's nothing quite like a good prank. Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Kyle Kendrick was hit hard last month when his teammates, coaches and the media got together to tell him he was traded to Japan. But was he afraid or humiliated? Probably not.

It's the pranks that scare and/or embarrass the crap out of people that are the best kind. LaTroy Hawkins (yes, he still plays baseball) and Brian Bruney tend to agree.

The New York Yankees relievers sneaked into last year's #1 pick Andrew Brackman's locker to mess with his stuff. When the rookie opened it yesterday morning, he discovered his sliders had been slit down the middle. His cap was also cut, along with six pair of workout shoes and a new pair of spikes, filleted from tongue to toe.

Seriously, if I found all my belongings sliced up in my locker? I'd call the police, go home, and lock all my doors and windows. However, this isn't the first occasion that the 6'10" former NC State basketball star has been punked -- his sweet ride has been stolen as well. Apparently, he deserved it after firing back at LaTroy.

"You got to know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em," Hawkins said of the 22-year-old's attempt at a prank war.
Will someone please tell that to The Gambler?

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Ian said...

He is learning a valuable lesson. Don't mess with the veterans.