And We're Off!

Happy Opening Day!!! It's a glorious day people.

I was in attendance last night at the Nationals Inaugural game at their new stadium and despite the chill, it was a great game. Here is a pictorial of a few things I learned.

George W. Bush's well thrown first pitch was by far the most impressive thing he's done during his presidency.

The scoreboard listed Cristian Guzman at 195 pounds. And I'm Santa Claus.

A Ben's Chili dog tastes waaaay better than it looks.

When the stadium runs out of fries and pretzels in the 7th inning, you need the SWAT team to control the riots.

A walkoff home run is still the most exciting thing in baseball.

Here's to a great season for all of us. Except the Red Sox.


NinaZephyr said...

What an awesome game that was, and I'm a Braves fan haha. I love Opening Day.