Don't Quit Your Day Job

Billy Crystal kinda sucks at baseball. I say kinda' because I've seen worse, I think.

In his only at bat for the New York Yankees Thursday when they faced the Pittsburgh Pirates in an exhibition game, #60 was wrung up swinging and nailed himself in the back of the helmet with his bat on his backswing. Comedy gold? Yes, please.

Crystal did hit a nice chopper down the first baseline, but it landed 3 feet foul. He even showed some patience at the plate, getting ahead 3-1 in the count on lefty Paul Maholm, but whiffed two 88 mph cutters to end his day.

"It was ball four," said the plate ump of the last strike, right before shaking his hand.
Heh. What a jerk. Of course, Awful Announcing has the goods.

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Bassmaster said...

That was the most dickish thing that ump could've said. Awesome.