What About Barry?

Won't anyone give Barry Bonds a shot? Is he seriously gonna have to go play baseball in Japan next season? Or worse... retire?!

Bonds was an All-Star last season. It's not like he forgot how to play baseball since facing a federal indictment on multiple counts of perjury and obstruction of justice from his testimony in the BALCO investigation. He's still working out, healthy as a horse and optimistic that there's a ballclub somewhere out there for him to join.

The Homer King would still make a great designated hitter and/or a decent left fielder on any team, but along with Barry comes a little black rain cloud called the media circus. And then there's the booing...

Speaking of booing, check out The Heckler's Prospectus for more creative ways to say "You Suck" at a ballgame.

[ESPN] | [The Heckler's Prospectus]


Anonymous said...

Screw Barry.