Will Bert Strike Out Again?

Eleven years, you guys. Eleven. I have this same conversation with anyone who'll listen around this time every year. Why the hell isn't Bert Blyleven in the Hall of Fame? What kind of Hall of Fame excludes the best curveball ever?

Now a tv color analyst for the Minnesota Twins, Blyleven is the best retired non-Hall of Famer out there. Hands down. He had 287 career victories, 60 shutouts -- amazing -- 3,701 strikeouts-- fifth all-time -- and ranks 13th with 4,970 innings pitched. All excellent stats which all happen to be the best numbers among the candidates.

In fact, there is only one pitcher in Cooperstown that ranks higher than Bert in the categories of wins, strikeouts, and shutouts. That would be Nolan Ryan.

So, he never won a Cy Young Award. He was only an All-Star twice. He pitched for 22 seasons. He gave up a crapload of homers. Yeah, yeah. Bert's a swell guy, so we can omit a lack of integrity and commitment to excellence that is considered in the voting process as reasoning for the BBWAA, whose opinions are the ones that matter most.

But, I suppose it's gonna be another tough one this year, what with going up against The Hawk for the seventh consecutive year (that was for you Debra).

Other players for consideration include first-timer Tim Raines, who swiped over 70 bases six times in his career, Goose Gossage, who paved the way for closers everywhere, Jack Morris, who pitched a 10-inning shutout during Game 7 of the 1991 World Series and owns a .577 career winning percentage, eight-time All-Star Jim Rice, whose 100+ RBI seasons sit nicely with his 1978 MVP Award, Lee Smith, who was just passed in saves by Trevor Hoffman in 2006, and Mark McGwire, who sucks at life but had a mean, if not juiced, bat.

Inductees will be announced this Tuesday.

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Megs said...

It's total B.S. that Bert's not in the Hall yet. Hopefully this will be his year!