Tejada Targeted By Congress

Remember when Miguel Tejada met with House Committee staff in 2005 regarding former Baltimore Orioles teammate Rafael Palmeiro's perjury case?

Tejada, who was traded to the Houston Astros the day before The Mitchell Report was released, claimed he never used illegal performance enhancers, that he had no knowledge of other players using or discussing steroids, and that he certainly never provided any players with them.

However, after Palmeiro wagged his finger in denial of ever using 'roids, he was suspended for testing positive for a steroid later that year, which he contributed to a B-12 shot given to him by Tejada.

Shady stuff.

Tuesday, Congress brought up Tejada's name once again, asking the Justice Department to investigate whether he lied to them in 2005, now that his name was linked to performance-enhancing drugs in The Report.

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